3 Coloring Books Every Plant Lover Wants

I do love me some coloring and next to that I love the power of plants!

Coloring for all ages has been reported to reduce stress and when you pair that up with using the best natural therapeutic essential oils ever, your life will certainly become brilliant and vivid! I love sitting down and coloring while I have oils diffusing in the air so that I get a better understanding of the plant’s personality and improve the balance in my sacred space.

These fun and informative guides make memorizing plants and what they look like easier so essential oil lovers, herbalists and gardeners can enjoy the power of plants and color in one place – peace.

Please click on the coloring book title to learn more about each one.

Herbs Coloring Book

Easiest way to recognize 30 most important culinary herbs: basil, dill, sage, thyme, marjoram, spearmint, oregano, chives, summer savory, others. All plates shown in full color on covers. Identifications. “…the book will aid in identifying herbs in gardens.” — Charleston Evening Post.

Medicinal Plants Coloring Book

Informative fun-to-color guide features 44 botanically accurate drawings of such plants as foxglove, belladonna, mayapple, valerian, dandelion, chamomile, quinine, arnica, burdock, tamarind, lobelia, and many more. Captions describe plant’s coloration and physical characteristics, geographic distribution, and medicinal uses. Invaluable identification guide; also source of royalty-free plant illustrations.

Favorite Wildflowers Coloring Book

Each flower is shown in color on the covers. In addition, captions give plants’ height, coloring, common and botanical names, and other information. The result is an informative guide that offers not only hours of coloring enjoyment but also an excellent way for flower lovers to learn to recognize and identify many species. Favorite Wildflowers Coloring Book also represents a fine source of royalty-free illustrations for artists and craftspeople.

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