5 Minute Color Personality Quiz for Reiki Lovers

What if you could see your true aura color channeled by touch, words and frequency that you consistently send out into the grand beautiful cosmos?

There are thousands of colors that we as humans can’t even consciously see.

When it comes to our subconscious though – our soul sees everything – the entire Universe is filled with vibrant rays of light.

This quick and accurate quiz is inspired to give you a color to work with for the rest of your present lifetime.

Your color outcome defines your destiny.

How you should feel about the world.

Give you some reassurance for expressing your meaning and purpose.

When I chose colors for this quiz, I felt pulled to work with a system that’s very familiar in the print industries.

CMYK is a subtractive color model (a kind of mixing you get if you illuminate colored filters with white light from behind). When you take away that illumination you get black.

But who really likes no light.

There is always light and it’s your task to use your color power to shine brightly!

I find working with any color is extremely effective for global and self-healing.

The four personality types are Cyan Connector, Magenta Maverick, Yellow Patron and Black Philosopher.

Each result represents a unique color power and none are deemed “evil” or better than the next.

Along with the quiz I created exclusive meditations to supercharge the energy of your color.

And urge you to get your color meditation or download all 4 so you can master the colors of empathy, alchemy, community and instinct. The complete meditation album comes as an interactive PDF so you can learn about using each color and the five natural elements: earth, air, fire, water and spirit.

About bernard charles

Bernard Charles is transforming thousands of unhappy people from around the world by adding more color and meaning to their life. His work has been featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine, Positively Positive and appeared on various radio programs discussing his mission to change 1 million people. Explore the power and meaning of color at www.thecolormage.com