7 Color Breathing Exercises Using Solar Dynamics [Pictures of the Sun]

Color breathing is an easy stress reducing way to use color therapy and I enjoy meditating with color using solar dynamics. Which is a fancy way of looking at the sun’s various elements. No science to bog you down, I want you to focus on a picture of the sun that aligns with your personal goal/intention.

This involves mentally picturing or meditating on a color that represents how you want to feel.

Start by getting comfortable and aim toward relaxing into your desired outcome. Adding the recommended crystals and essential oils will enhance your visualizations and mindfulness making your meditation effortless, lucid and vivid. While exploring your body’s sensations, continue breathing deeply from your stomach keeping your rhythm natural and unforced.  Remember, your exhale should be twice as long as your inhale (2 seconds inhale :4 seconds exhale). Now using your desired sun photo below, imagine yourself bathing in the power of the sun. As you breathe, feel the sun spreading throughout your whole body with light. As you breathe out visualize your spirit opening and expanding to make even more room for the light to fill you.

Why The Sun?

The sun acts as a great symbolic talisman to super charge your aura’s energy field. Connecting with it can empower, strengthen and enlighten your body, mind and soul on multiple levels because of it’s majestic place in our beloved solar system.

Color Meanings and Recommended Crystal and Essential oil Suggestions


Red is the color of energy and passion. It increases your strength and power to pursue survival. Use red when you lack energy or are feeling exhausted. Crystals: Red Jasper, Fire Agate / Essential Oils: Thieves, Cinnamon Bark


Orange is the color of fun, happiness and joy. Use orange if you are feeling lifeless and depressed about creative blocks or restraint with your sexuality. Crystals: Orange Calcite, Carnelian / Essential Oils: Tangerine, Oola Fun


Yellow is the color for studying and concentrating. It stimulates intellect and increases your ability to be objective. It increases detachment and helps if you are feeling oversensitive or controlled by other people or when you find it difficult to let go of something in order to get something. Great energy for abundance and trusting in divine law of attraction. Crystals: Citrine, Herkimer Diamond / Essential Oils: Lemon, Egyptian Gold


Green is color of personal development. Use green to cleanse, balance and purify your body. It is a good color if you need to relax as it helps to balance and improve your thoughts. Crystals: Peridot, Aventurine / Essential Oils: Oola Grow & Balance, Lime


Blue is the color of relaxation, peace and healing. You should imagine blue when you need to relax and unwind. Blue is good if you are suffering from insomnia. It can also be visualized when you need to clear the mind or when you are having problems thinking clearly. Crystals: Chrysocolla, Sapphire / Essential Oils: White Angelica, Dorado Azul


Indigo is the color of self dignity and respect. Use indigo if you lack self esteem because you’re consistently dependent on others. It is also useful when you find you are putting yourself down or start to feel that you can’t achieve your goals. Crystals: Charoite, Amethyst / Essential Oils: Transformation, Highest Potential


Orchid is the color of release and raising your vibration to match your desires. Use orchid when you need to let go of negative thoughts or ideas. It helps facilitate any type of change and brings out your spiritual energies. Crystals: Lepidolite, Quartz / Essential Oils: Harmony, Joy

Images Courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams.

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