One mindboosting crystal every creative should have

I am a creative and ALWAYS in my head and you mentioned about wearing amber crystals in one of your videos. Do you wear yours all the time to get it to keep working?  – Art Lady

Dear Art Lady,

Truth is you don’t have to wear your crystals all the time to have a connection.

Just being conscious of your favorite crystal or color can spark mindshifts without you even realizing it!

Most of my crystals are by my bedside and in my career sector according to feng shui. If I leave the house and forget a stone I should have taken – I just conjure it in my head and our powers seem to connect!

The pieces I wear for jewelry are put away from sticky fingers. When I feel like my creative persona needs some sweetening up – I pull out my amber ring and wear it all day.

The energies of the stone soothes my external appeal while soothing the inner currents of my sacral chakra.

Preserving what is unique to me, I like to keep a bowl of amber crystals in all of my art supplies and crayons! This way the creative energy overflows onto my tools and keeps my intentions sweet.

I know how it feels to be in your head all the time. Artists can be very insightful, intuitive and introverted.

However some can be quite aloof, abrupt and arrogant.

The honey hues of amber crystals will help you preserve the compassionate warmth of who you are and perhaps keeping some fossilized tree sap in your art supplies will encourage your art to be seen as sweet for lifetimes to come!

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