Bernard Charles


with a specifying or particularizing effect


the quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object


a magician

No matter if I’m painting in art class, designing web pages, or choosing clothes to wear for the day,my primary weapon is color. I use it to master my own evolution as a star gazing good smelling spiritual being. Our words, thoughts and decisions are energetic statements in how we express our authentic self because everything is energy. Color broke many episodes of self-doubt and greyish in-authenticity when I was in high school. My peers mocked me about my sexuality. I never took time to sit down and decide who attracted me to the bedroom sheets. I genuinely love everyone regardless if they’re male or female. As a result of never truly living up to gender expectations I found an L on my forehead. I hated myself for living so out-of-the-box. But a field trip to a Philadelphia art museum gave me a supernova a-ha!

There I stood frustrated in the cramped gift shop determined to make a meaningful purchase. Nothing immediately screamed “me” until it was moments before we had to leave. I turned around (frantic at this point) to find a rack of scarves and matching glasses. An orange scarf screamed “YOU WANT ME!” and boy did I! I felt that shopper’s high so I purchased the pair of matching glasses because I feel smarter while wearing glasses. 

The orange colored goodies I bought that day not only transformed my wardrobe but encouraged excitement in my identity. I got to wear the orange scarf with my school uniform ( a dress code immunity) and a week later I courageously came out to myself about my sexuality. I’m gay and fearlessly choosing to believe in my true self. Which I know you appreciate – sexy! Since then I’ve graduated from high school and studied light and color at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in addition to gaining certifications in crystal healing, law of attraction and meditation. My love for color is not only fun but extremely sacred. I work as a color psychic to streamline those impressions you get from people and recommend crystals, essential oils and colors to help you remember the real you while getting through a bad day.

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To awaken 1 million happy people with color!


I see  ordinary people integrating color therapy daily to empower world consciousness.