Book Review: The Awakened Aura Experience the Evolution of Your Energy Body

The Awakened Aura: Experience the Evolution of Your Energy Body. Kala Ambrose. Minnesota: Llewellyn, 2011. 207 pp.

The awakened Aura photoThere is much more to see and feel in this world than what mainstream society has realized and Kala Ambrosetruly lifts the veil of mystery and gives her readers the gift of sight in her new book, The Awakened Aura: Experience the Evolution of Your Energy Body. Ambrose conjures an interdisciplinary approach to understanding auras, using ancient teachings and applying them to modern society for any soul to understand; at the same time, she recognizes that our auras are evolving at a faster rate. As new technologies are rapidly developing and more people choose to follow these Eastern practices and teachings more readily, this book is a quick tool to reference and sharpen our most reverent sense–our third eye. This 207-page publication describes what auras really are, how people can see them, and where people can test their aura-seeing abilities, but the most riveting aspect of the book comes when Ambrose reveals a discovery that the entire human race is currently experiencing: a cosmic evolution within the auric fields.

The book tackles this phenomena rather lightly in the beginning, yet towards the end of the book Ambrose makes her point even clearer, most likely because many people cannot see auras. So if you’re like me and cannot see fun colors and patterns around people or plants, this introductory approach makes it much easier to understand the difference of the old aura and the new one that Ambrose claims to see. Yet, there is only one drawback that constantly teetered in my head while reading–belief. Are such things called auras actually real?

Kala Ambrose has been drawn to auras her entire life.  She explains that in school, she would color outside of the lines merely because she saw that those colors were outside of the contour lines in real life.  Like any child, she thought mimicking what you see in reality was the best teacher. It was natural for her to see auras and to discover an evolutionary change. The problem with all of this is that not everyone can see the presence of auras. I knew this immediately going into the book  and so it was a goal to try and see any auric activity I could witness.

Like many books dealing with the body, mind, and spirit; concepts of self-transformation are very personal. With this, I am compelled to reveal to you a very small intuitive inkling that The Awakened Aura offers truth. When I was in math class of my public school, I was very apt in paying attention to my surroundings because I was bullied. I had to develop a system for survival. One day this notion caused me to look at my math teacher while she was passing out tests and suddenly I saw a white light outlining her body. This memory was long forgotten until I read this book.

After reading and practicing a meditative exercise that Ambrose suggests, I intuitively felt that what I saw was my teacher’s etheric field, the first shell in the layers of auras detailed in The Awakened Aura. This simple realization of my own personal encounter with auras was truly enlightening. The issue I am having now is the ability to see auras again. Consequently, I remembered some advice Ambrose gives to beginners:

If you haven’t been on a bike in twenty years and get back on one, you are going to be a little wobbly and unsteady. It’s the same thing if you don’t continue to practice seeing auras once you start viewing auras. –Page 66

These words ring true since many agree that practice makes perfect.  I am forthright in keeping an open mind, because without this book I would have forgotten all about my classroom experience; thusly I would not be able to connect with another advancement in personal growth. So I will continue meditating and allow The Awakened Aura to be a guide when it comes to strengthening my evolving energy body.

Beyond the vastness of auras, Ambrose takes the reader back into the world of healing temples where other teachings like Feng Shui, herbal teas, power of color and sound, crystals, foods, clothing, and dream interpretation all enabled a person to overcome the adversities in life. Today, this book marks a beginning of a new era in evolution and should be appreciated. Ambrose digs deep to not only uncover why the roots of the ancient are still relevant to the 21st century, but also where this auric transformation is bound to take us as we enter the end of the Mayan calendar.

Kala Ambrose is host of Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show ( and national columnist for the Huffington Post and She is also author of9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled, Ghosthunting North Carolina, and The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body. You can follow her on Twitter at @KalaAmbrose

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