Book Review: The Intuitive Heart of Romance Finding Your Own Path to Lasting Love

The Intuitive Heart of Romance: Finding Your Own Path to Lasting Love. Servet Hasan. Minnesota: Llewellyn, 2011. 260 pp.

Take those rose-colored glasses off and have meaningful sex without the worry of losing your sense of love with Servet Hasan‘s The Intuitive Heart of Romance. This complex labyrinth of a human feeling (love) is put through a literary bootcamp and Hasan hits the nail on the head each time when it comes to taking love in your own hands with a helpful sidekick – intuition.

The book details how true love can only be achieved by diving into your self-awareness and fears first in understanding the sacred self. Then it conjoins the ideas behind the power of communicating to your chakras, conflict resolution for couples, and lastly the real mission behind sex (besides for procreation). Hasan along with each chapter offers exercises for the reader that are not expensive at all to help practice the concepts and ideas. It’s a great self-help book for those on a budget! From meditations that actually work to going on a date with yourself allows any seeker of love a chance to experience the many colors of true intimacy in so many ways.

I started reading this book in February, a month known for love, and it helped expand my mind to not sulk and whimper for being a single guy. I found love in myself and two weeks into reading it I found my soul mate, best friend and lover. Grant it, I have been actively putting myself out there online for such a package to arrive, but that’s the point. Informing the Universe of your wishes and seeing how it serves your highest good is miraculous and joyous.

Servet adds pinches of humor by retelling real encounters from clients and stories of her own love life that keeps you reading more. It gets even better in Chapter 7 when sex is out on the table. The Intuitive Heart of Romance informs, reminds and rekindles the flames of love and I am passionately waiting for another title to come out with Servet Hasan’s name on it.

Servet Hasan is the author of Tune Him In, Turn Him On and spent years studying mystic teachings in the Far East. She is available for television and radio appearances, live seminars and workshops. Visit her online at

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