Color Reading: A New Way to See Yourself, Relationships and Life

When I started my spiritual journey, I was attracted to so much.





I wanted to know about everything. And in those moments of when I stopped to look around, I noticed that people who worshiped their soul-niche avoided trying new things.

This is why I created my own color oracle deck and am on a mission to reach millions of people to transform the way they see their lives, businesses and relationships.

Everything is energy. And if we can agree on that, then I know you can understand the magic and mystery behind color.

Studying light and color technology at KAIST gave me the awareness that the best human resource possible is our spirit.

How we feel about ourselves and the world.

What is a color reading?

A color reading is a form of divination that uses color energy to reveal your unique energetic vibration in the present, past and future moments.

Depending on the intention and focus you want from the reading will determine specific themes that only your intuition can interpret.

What does this color mean?

Psychologists, brand experts and designers have for decades used color to communicate specific feelings and emotions in their work. Art therapists use color has a sub-conscious language to relate to their clients. Cultures from around the world have their own color meanings because values and traditions correlate to their own world history. No color means the same for anyone and that’s what I am here to help you understand. Your unique and special connection to color is a piece to the overall color collective. Think of your color story as a dialect of one huge language.

What I know for sure.

Color makes everyone feel consciously and subconsciously.

I urge you to stop depending on societal expectations to determine your favorite color and begin choosing color based on what your soul wants you to feel.

Take the Next Step

Find out your color power and enjoy the meditation

Get a color reading, I recommend this one or if you’re brave – do this one

Or become a certified color reader and help serve others with color

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