Color Therapy: Getting Out of a Rut

I’m sure you’ve had those thoughts where you felt stuck, worthless and too broke to move.

Numbed by failures and mistakes.

Too frightened to make a decision because every other choice you had, ya kinda blew it.

You vomited your frustrations in a Facebook post trying to paint a clear picture of where you are in the world and how you ended up there in the first place.

Hungry for a comforting pity party online to avoid the inevitable lessons and emotions.

In one shape or another, most of us are accustomed to misery’s company because we feel on the surface for a brief moment – validated.

Extracting what energy we can from others to fill the void.

Devouring mutual miseries and feeding on a convenient supply of fear.

So what can you do to break the cycle?

Feel liberty’s pulse in your own body?

You color.

Mauve is the color of emotional flexibility. When this appears in a reading or in your life, start honoring how you feel in your place in this world. If you feel stuck be honest with yourself. This color activates your crown and third eye chakras to help you receive the clarity you need from a divine source so that you get out of your mental and emotional ruts.

Often I find myself in a rut because I’m avoiding my real emotions. I keep faking it, hoping things will turn around but they only seem to get worse. Accompanying this color is Sacred Frankincense essential oil which I use by diffusing and placing a couple of drops on the bottoms of my feet right before I fall asleep so I feel grounded. Other ways you can use mauve is by wearing it, adding lepidolite crystals in your personal practice or drinking lavender and chamomile tea for expanding your comfort zone.

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