Got a budget, eh?


Sponsor/Enroller ID: 3928841 Need a diffuser for your oils, then yes, get the premium starter kit instead.

Some misbelieve that getting started with ah-mazing high-quality oils means you have no choice but to fork over a few hundred dollars upfront. Truth is, you gotta have these pure therapeutic essential oils. Period. So that you explore self-care better, deepen your peace and contribute to healing the world with pure clean energy. Yes, that means giving up the toxic products and making the switch in choosing plant-based technology to cleanse the body, mind and soul.

Watch my video to see where on the enrollment page you need to go to find the ‘basic starter kit’ and get your foot in the door to experience lifelong transformation.

Exciting right! After you join with my AFT Goddess from, Angela (she’s a knock out for support and knowledge), I’ll be notified via email and reach out to you personally so we can go over your individual goals and intentions (in case you don’t know where to begin).

There’s no obligation to sell the oils yourself, but you do have access to the business opportunity in the future should one of your friends want to join and you’ll like to get credit for introducing them to the oils – for now we enjoy letting the oils change your life organically.