Give Yourself a Chakra Healing Facial For Radical Self-Love And Body Image Issues

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Part of giving yourself the love you deserve is making sure you take care of your body.

Yeah – it’s nice to stay in your head and vibrate higher than others, but part of the human experience is accepting our physical form – our bodies.

It’s my intention this month to show my body more love.

I received this beautiful healing clay and asked my raving YouTube fans if anyone wanted to see me do a facial. When you offer, of course people are going to say yes, I’ve noticed this effortless allowance among internet beings.

We are a curious bunch.

When I asked my sister to join me on camera, curiosity got the best of her and she agreed. The real test was actually sitting down and seeing ourselves. I’m not too self-conscious about my body, but I do squirm when it comes to my voice and hair.

Both of us just stared briefly in the screen.

Do we really look like this? 

I shook the self-sabotage off and inspired my sister to get excited for her debut with these words:

Cracking the facial

This facial video is broken down into two parts:

  • My sister and I doing our facials with really wonderful oils.
  • And me performing a color reading on my sister so she better understands what colors she needs in her life so that she lives with more purpose and meaning.

Then this happened

After our facials and reading was finished, I uploaded the video and thought nothing of it. Until I noticed shifts happening around us improving how we treat our body and other people.

My sister cut her hair, visited friends, smiled a whole lot more!

I got a hair trim, traveled to Pittsburgh (met soul-friends) and been feeling more elated than usual!

The process of doing the facial and color reading healed our relationship to each other and ourselves.

Being a color reader opens a new channel of love and appreciation for our physical reality and integrating color consciously helps me and others adapt to all energy easily and freely.

Download my free ebook on adding color to your physical reality, by clicking here. I bet, you’ll discover interesting parallels with your life and how much color you do or don’t have in your bedroom, kitchen or office.

Until next time, love light and color.

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