Golden Turmeric Milk Recipe for Abundance

There’s a million ways you can achieve abundance but I find the benefits of turmeric enriching!

Nutrition Stripped did an amazing spotlight on the healthier side of this popular Eastern spice and it’s supportive vibes when it comes to our solar plexus chakra.

I found out about tumeric milk or golden milk from my mom. She loves sending me tips and tricks when she can so this is the Allrecipes video she sent me.

I didn’t have all the ingredients so I found this one instead.

In less than 5 minutes

I poured my almond milk in a pot, stirred in a mixture of turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg and ginger. Then I dolloped some local honey to sweeten everything up and heated my potion!

It’s a healthier alternative compared to that hot chocolate I was craving. Just knowing and tasting the nutritional force inside my cup, I feel full and completely abundant!

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