Hate the smell of Lavender. Scents you should try.

Hey Bernard. I can’t stand the smell of lavender. Do you have any alternatives because I want to destress but I think Lavender is too overpowering and keeps me irritable. – Smell Good

Dear Smell Good,

I totally relate to this!

I actually don’t like the scent of lavender because it is quite overbearing.

This pompous odor is the least of my favorite ways to unwind and experience peace.

I tend to feel better when I am invoked to smell citrus scents.

Cucumber slices, lemon rinds and orangey clove scents send me into an olfactive nirvana.

You aren’t alone when it comes to abstaining from lavender because every nose is simply different.

Young Living makes alternative essential oil blends to promote tranquility try these out: Peace & Calming and Stress Away.

If any readers are Lavender Crusaders, I want to tell you about the Sequim Lavender Festival. Apparently thousands of people attend this Lav-a-palooza!

Personally, I wouldn’t mind going but I am bringing a mask just in case!

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