Here’s the Superhero Way to Reactivate Your Young Living Essential Oil Account

Getting involved with a multi-level marketing company like Young Living Essential Oils means saving time, money and lives. And I know how much of that you really want so I will keep this as brief and crystal clear as possible so you can put on your own superhero outfit and fight those toxins and grime out of your life.

The Number One Villian

Young Living being in the world is like Gotham City (or any place in the DC Universe for that matter). I’ve been using these oils and products since 2015 and I’m already noticing that Young Living gives people their life back. But a huge element we must discuss is why you went inactive in the first place. This is vital to your own growth because we don’t want to repeat history or have you lose energy by wasting your time and money. Maybe it wasn’t the right fit since Young Living didn’t have the cool kid diffusers or other new products to help you kick ass in style when you enrolled. Or perhaps the real reason is because you felt slighted. You signed up on impulse. You gave your money for the premium starter kit that everyone seems to rave about but after that – nothing. You didn’t hear back from your enroller or sponsor. You were left in the dark with riddles to solve about your own superhero journey. Let’s not make the same mistake twice.

I want to ensure you really understand that loyalty, commitment, and justice are part of the universe. Naturally, those that commit to growing, healing their past, and being okay with an amazing team of people to support their strengths is possible with Young Living. I take pride in my integrity and tenacity as a leader. I lead my superhero team to reach their goals and stretch their capes so that flying through classes, parties, and ranks feels like a sonic boom. I love the adrenaline and I know you wanna feel it too. The number one reason why people go inactive in Young Living is because they give their power away to a very evil source – fear dressed in scarcity. It’s vital you understand this before you reactivate your Young Living account because enabling your weaknesses keeps you playing small and you will find yourself back in the hands of a joker. And nobody likes to feel like a pawn.

Choosing a Hero Team

Yes, you can reactivate your Young Living account with a new team. That’s your choice. And if your previous upline (your enroller/sponsor) didn’t make you feel like a superhero than that’s a sure way to know you need a new power posse. I like to give my team tools to learn about oils or build their own headquarters so that they can save the world in the way that meets their specific style. I text, call or video chat my team all the time getting updates on their journey and it’s thrilling to bust through any fears like leaving their traditional job to pursue Young Living full-time or getting them on track with their wellness goals. You need to look for a team that will serve your strengths and welcomes you not only for your money but for your heart and soul.

Go go reactivation

You will want to call customer service at Young Living ( 1-800-371-3515) directly to reactivate your membership. In order to do so, you’ll need to place an order to get back up on the horse. Most people used up all their oils years ago so this is a great way for you to start fresh and get the necessary upgrades to your Young Living toolbelt. Now, if you do want to be placed with a new team, be sure to speak up and give them the ideal member numbers of your new life changing sponsor/enroller.

Your catch phrase and beyond

I know you can do this. I know you believe there’s something about Young Living that you really admire and appreciate. And soon you will be able to share that story with others. For now, you will make the decision to reactivate and save more with a really supportive team because no legendary hero truly goes it alone.

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