June 2016 Color Energy Forecast

Use these colors to inspire success, love and overcoming indecision because of fear this month. Note, pay attention to all color you see and experience for it’s trying to tell you something about your path and purpose beautiful.


  • Enjoy lavender infused honey or a cup of lavender tea
  • Add amethst crystals to your altar, purse or wear it to improve your soul path
  • Diffuse lavender and chamomile essential oils for body, mind and soul peace


  • Download this mood tracking app for free, Mitra
  • Practice self-expression by making a public YouTube video
  • Use Believe essentail oil and blue quartz crystals to be yourself


  • Connect with your past lives or deceased loved ones through a spell
  • Start healing family karma, read this blog post
  • Use palo santo and cedarwood essential oils in meditation


  • Snip some fresh basil from your herb garden and inhale it’s aroma
  • Balance your notes and creative projects with Evernote
  • Find all the green things you can in your home, and build an altar


  • Join an advocacy group for underprivalged people
  • Do 25 random acts of kindness
  • Support my work by becoming a beautiful soul member


About bernard charles

Bernard Charles is transforming thousands of unhappy people from around the world by adding more color and meaning to their life. His work has been featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine, Positively Positive and appeared on various radio programs discussing his mission to change 1 million people. Explore the power and meaning of color at www.thecolormage.com