12 Signs Your Life Purpose Lacks Color (And What You Can Do About It)

Color therapy is used to inspire, heal and expand life.

Since color is energy like everything else in the grand ole Universe, you will be glad to know that you have a choice to use energy for good.

Color is valuable because it’s reflected light that our eyes feed on in order to interpret our reality.

But what if you’re living a life where color takes no precedence and has no meaning.

It’s just – color.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Besides the obvious, people with color blindness may be fortunate to get these glasses to fix their lack of color consumption. And when they see the world in full spectrum, major emotions surface. The majestic quality of life floods meaning because a person can actually see in color.

If you’re not medically diagnosed as color blind then what I’m about to say is for you.

The list

  1. MASHED POTATOES – My family thrives on the potato. It’s bland color is a house staple. And the unending convenience of processed foods, sugary treats and fast food chains simply reduces our color consciousness. In order to add more color to your daily meals, eat more fruits and veggies that are colorful.
  2. GOING OUTSIDE – Nothing beats a great colorful trek through nature. However, the lack of natural lighting to which natural color comes from is affecting our behavior and internal clock. Being inside is affecting us as “Nature Deficit Disorder” gets tossed around and major outdoor brands and companies like REI are readjusting their Black Friday approach. Tips to get outside all year (click here) to soak up natural lighting.
  3. JOB VS PASSION – It’s simple but wearing dingy work clothes, depersonalizing workspaces and eating colorlessly in a colorless room isn’t going to grant you a congenial occupation. This comes down to your values and making money is no trade off when it comes to living vibrantly. Ditch the job you hate for one you love.
  4. RIGID BITCH – A personal fave. Having a tumultuous “I am Asshole” personality is keeping you and others in the dark. How is the world suppose to see your true colors aka awesomeness if you continually decline their invites because you don’t see the real opportunity at hand! It’s inhumane to constantly keep up this “bad ass bitch” appearance and you may like to cure this with an easy going and placid nature in 10 steps?
  5. SHOWER? – Lack of hygiene is a lack of care. And when you don’t care or don’t feel worthy enough to enjoy showers, hair appointments or any form of personal pampering then you are lacking color. It’s healthy to take care of yourself. It’s lazy, ignorant and self-serving to sit in your spoiled rotten attitude. I like to use essential oils to add color because it makes stank energy go away. Fast!
  6. JUICE ME BABY – When you’re not enjoy wholesome liquids you’re lacking color. This ties into eating colorfully and I don’t have to repate myself so I’ll just hand you over to my friend, Kris Carr as she talks about so many colorful juices and smoothies.
  7. MR. YUCK – Are you dependent on chemicals, stimulants or sedatives? Coffee, sugar and parabens included. A truly colorful life is a natural life. Yes, coffee and sugar are natural but everything in moderation like my momma would say! Alcohol and drug abuse is serious and I recommend this hotline for you. Still using chemicals to clean house or pamper yourself, then you need to take my free oils in color course because you gotta stop playing with synthetic garbage!
  8. GOODNIGHT – Not sleeping well? Feels rather colorless if you ask me! Rest is essential to living longer and a more colorful life because this means you are vulnerable and receptive to beautiful dreams! If you have trouble sleeping or want to experience vivid dreams then watch my video on lucid dreaming.
  9. 50 SHADES – Your state of well being matters and if you’re slumping through the days with black and gray clothes, dinnerware and books expect monotony and depression to grow even more in your life. Color and our emotional states are highly interactive. Your perception of color and life overall will vary as you fluctuate emotionally so it’s best to be surrounded by lots of color to remind us of who we really are in times of forgetfulness. You can also get a color reading anytime!
  10. SEX – Color is fun, spontaneous and can be planned if you want it. Sex is the same. Not feeling sexy? Well, you’re not open to it and resisting your primal urges. I recommend seeing a sex therapist to clearly understand how you feel about sex. Having a reasonable and safe sex life keeps your personal flavor zesty. There are crystals like Garnet and Pink tourmaline to invoke a sensual appetite. Easy to find aphrodisiacs in the grocery stores. Self-pleasure is another wholesome way to get familiar with your body and maintain a healthy, happy and long lasting sex life.
  11. DIVERSITY – It’s the spice of life. So if you’re living on auto-pilot and essentially consume the same media outlet, diet or social circle, you’ll find yourself conforming to a way of life that is colorless. Meaningless. Trying new things and meeting new people are simple ways to add more color to your life because it requires acceptance and kindness.
  12. BELIEF – When you were young, you saw the world for the first time. Tasted things you never knew existed. Developed memories through experience. Collected rules, advice and wisdom from people close and far from you. If all that went away, I ask…who are you? You’ve identified up until this point with life’s true colors. Every hue and shade you ever experienced helped you to see who you truly are and so I ask…who are you? There’s no right or wrong. Living a colorful life means knowing who you are and choosing all energy that aligns to that truth. Every friend, plate, plant, animal, vacation, job and food matters because you have the power to choose if it aligns vibrationally or not.

Until next time, love light and color!

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Bernard Charles is transforming thousands of unhappy people from around the world by adding more color and meaning to their life. His work has been featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine, Positively Positive and appeared on various radio programs discussing his mission to change 1 million people. Explore the power and meaning of color at www.thecolormage.com