Manifest From the Future Using Color Therapy

You can travel to your future self and bring back some valuable insight using advanced color therapy practices.

This isn’t  intended for the newb looking for lottery numbers and betting slips. Nor is it a way to access calamity and terror. Practicing seeing into the future for manifestation helps you solidify the idea that you already have what you want and these colors will assist in the process.


A shifty purple that filters your intentions. When we set out to manifest in the beginning, we tend to see a cloudy-almost-what-we-want ideal “focusing” on the blurry zoomed in benefits. Short sighting and short changing what really can make us happy and abundantly full. Use the color as part of your crystal grids, prayer requests and creative visualization exercises. You want to override the perceived myths about your desires and capture the magical essence sleeping beneath the blanket of temptation. Using Envision essential oil supports vision quests and seeing the big picture when it comes to a lack of imagination.

Take this in for a moment.



The universe is so vast and the opportunities are endless and very unique. The more imagination you got brewing, the easier it is for you to connect with your future self that’s already enjoying what you want.

Clary Sage

When you make contact with the future you, expect a reward for your arrival! This color energy will help make the experience feel ten times more lucid and you’ll have those a-ha moments with yourself while in the visualization or days later when certain events add up perfectly. You’ll be ready to heed the signs all around you when you start using Clary Sage essential oil before bed. Get ready for the clarity lightbulbs to shimmer in your dreams like the luxurious Mirror of Erised.


Illuminate the darkness with a very obnoxious positive color like this one. Firefly spirit animal is very close to me and guides me through much of my life right now. If you’re confused and uncertain about your visualization abilities this color energy will amplify your frequency. Add sulfur crystal and lemon essential oil to your meditation space.

Keep in mind that you want to use all three colors to improve your manifestations from the future. There’s one essential oil that has all these color powers, it’s called Into the Future.  I go over how I like to use it in the video. This oil blend helps me trust in a brighter future for myself and the world.

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