March 2016 Color Energy Forecast

Use these colors to inspire success, love and overcoming indecision because of fear this month. Note, pay attention to all color you see and experience for it’s trying to tell you something about your path and purpose beautiful.


  • Keep a scarlet colored vase in the career section of your home to invite fortunate employment and entrepreneurial vibes this month
  • Working with red jasper, cinnabar and ruby crystals will encourage power and strength
  • Diffuse patchouli, frankincense and endoflex essential oils for grounded and growing appreciation


  • Perform a beautiful honey spell to attract energy to stick to you
  • Use amber crystals to extract the poison from your sweetness that’s killing off your authenticity
  • Write a love letter every week to someone you value and appreciate


  • Reflect and meditate during dusk and dawn to feel the healing effects of transition in your life
  • Watch comedies on Netflix to lighten your mood and disposition
  • Send someone a fruit basket for being a joy in your life


  • Add rose water to your bath for self-care and beauty
  • Read this article on 42 ways to love your kids 
  • Keep pink tourmaline crystal under your pillow for restful dreams


  • Start eating ginger, this is where I get mine
  • Take initiative in the relationship that you rarely feel called to do (doing the dishes, driving, discussing something important)
  • Read The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte


  • Create yourself a happy place by using your intuition
  • Join my Beautiful Soul membership to work on your self-discovery (here’s your invite)
  • Dab some Into the Future essential oil on an amethyst crystal and hold it in your hand to receive insight

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