Numerology Made Easy with My Favorite Angel Numbers And Their Spiritual Meanings

Have you ever took notice of the clock, then your phone and soon you’re drafting lottery numbers? That’s my life. I will see 11:11 on the clock and then 44 Facebook notifications and go the store to buy something for $8.88, my world is flooded by numbers. I started understanding the power of numbers by living consciously to these patterns then I discovered that my birth date has a special meaning too.

Basically, you are born at a specific time and can discover what your birth date means in numerology by clicking here. Knowing what the numbers mean helps me understand my life purpose and improve how I see myself.

Some days I feel broke and lost, but when a number pattern comes “randomly” I google it to see what these numbers are saying to me. Over the course of my own spiritual growth, I’ve noticed POWERFUL number sequences that are actively part of my life and that’s what I want to share with you.

Since you got your birth date meaning down, I want you to know that many people and spirit junkies refer to these numbers as angel numbers. Instead of showing up on baseball fields and in dreams, it’s said that angels speak to us in the only language we can understand as human beings – numbers!

11 – Eleven number meaning

Growing up, I was asked to choose a favorite number and so I chose the best number that felt right 11. This was my basketball jersey number (yeah I played basketball for a hot second in middle school) and what it represents to me is teamwork and duality among groups and competition. Later in my life, I discovered that this is considered a master number and complimented my androgynous nature when it comes to balancing masculine and feminine energy. When I see or feel 11, it’s a golden pink tinted champagne color and smells like Geranium essential oil.

47 – Forty seven number meaning

Four score and seven years ago… I made a lot of life transitions like moving and making new friends. This number energy highlights a safe passage as we journey to and from communities. While my mom divorced my father, this number energy came up in school because I had to recite the Gettysburg Address and I was dealing with a lot of emotional fear. Of course the saying does not mean 47, but as a pre-teen it’s simplistic to focus on the 4 and 7. When I see or feel 47, it becomes a Starry Night color palette and smells like Dorado Azul essential oil.

8 – Eight number meaning

I saved the best for last. The power of eight is symbolic for eternity and infinity. I’d like to suggest that it embodies flow and abundance as well. Optimizing my financial freedom by saving money automatically without thinking about it and helping people to use color proactively feels amazing. Blissful. Using this number energy helps me balance the momentum between love and fear with spiritual and physical resources. I restore my karmic destiny with this number and when I see or feel 8, 88 or 888, it’s always a brilliant opalescent color and smells like Basil and Lemon essential oils combined.

So, the next time you notice the clock, your newsfeed or checkout remember the numbers because you never know what the angels are trying to tell you about your life at that very moment.

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