What it says about you if you’re drawn to colors of the sea

When I was very little I used to have this huge fear of the water. But I religiously watched movies with mermaids. Their shiney scales and long locks of hair pulled me under the sea of the TV screen. I daydream what it’s like to be a fish swimming free and deep. Living my life for a career and focusing on my family nowadays leaves me feeling guilt and shame when I think about all those fish in the sea. All the chances I feel like I can’t have. Why am I so drawn to the colors of the sea, Bernard? – Lost Siren

Dear Lost Siren,

I recently finished one of my favorite television shows – Charmed.

And your letter reminds me of when Phoebe transforms into a magical mermaid.

She too has the longing to be free.

Experiencing the expanse and depth of our world is nothing to be shameful about. And it certainly has no place for guilt.

You are drawn to the oceanic ecosystem because your emotions, intuition and natural light fuels your soul.

Midnight blues engulf your aura like armor.

Aquamarines soothe those bumps and bruises we get when we swim the expanse called life.

Vibrant coral hues remind you to heal, forgive and simply love.

The greatest lesson I’ve learned with working with sea colors is to allow more flow into my life. It’s very hard to control the entire ocean so in order to surf it well and freely – we must surrender. The perfect color for letting go is white.

Tapping into your energy love, I feel you are in search of peace and happiness. Work with your natural soul landscape – the sea. I suggest ocean jasper and aquamarine crystals to mend any hidden resent that your karmic self is anchoring and welcome those beautiful pearls of joy to your world.

You are not lost, but found.


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