Pittsburgh Drops Unoriginal MLM Aromatherapy, Goes Back to the Roots with Young Living Essential Oils

Yinz gonna need to hear me out on this one.

In the 90s, one man journeyed into unknown territory. And there he built a billion dollar company over 25 years using the magic of multi-level marketing (MLM). Today it’s growing exponentially and is the original essential oil company that thousands trust to expand wellness, abundance, and purpose in their Pittsburgh homes and in communities all over the world.

I’m blessed every day to use essential oils, chemical-free cleaners and enjoy seeing how well others in my life are taken care of because of Young Living Essential Oils being the original source of gifting others the power of plants in a new age economy.

Young Living Essential Oils is the original essential oil company that takes the gifts of the Earth and applies the new age style of multi-level marketing to transform people from the inside out. But like all great advancements, there is a darkness that plagues the light to undermine love’s power. Copycat brands are born to disrupt the flow. Imitating what God and Goddess knows is true and worthy by masquerading hidden agendas. Breaking away from the original source of the ideas and recipes, one must be cautious to even consider supporting such an entity that’s still in its infancy by comparison.

Being a shining light in Steeler Country means I invoke the powers of black and yellow. Healing this chemical scorched land and giving impoverished individuals their life back. I cannot do it alone and have been teaching classes, rectifying truth and leading innocent beautiful souls back to the original source of using essential oils in an MLM way. It’s an honor to drop the fake social discord and hold a space for clarity and compassion.

From owning their own farms to rebuilding lives all over the country and globe, it’s no wonder why Young Living remains as a world leader in this capacity because they are the original trailblazer. And I encourage you to feel less incredulous and more attune to the spiritual forces at play here. One very much is solely in it for the profit and the other is in it for your pleasure.

Return to the roots and allow your soul to feel the rift and stretch marks of such a profound birth. You’ll understand which path is pure in love, light, and color.

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