What platinum does to your body, mind and soul

First off, i just want to say I love your work and am deeply inspired by your individuality. You’ve given me a new outlook on how color works in life. Thanks so much! My question is about the color platinum, that cross between silver and white. Please shed some light on the emotional, physical, sensual or spiritual qualities of this color. Anything that comes to mind. Thanks! – Lioness

Dear Lioness,

Platinum invokes exclusivity and vibrational immunity.

You may feel untouchable and unstoppable when exposed to this color energy.

To understand this better you must know a little bit about platinum as a noble metal.

Physically this color gets its name and properties from the chemical element. Platinum is ductile, lustrous and malleable offering us transcendence with modern technology. It works in catalytic converters (really fancy car part) which converts toxic pollutants found in vehicle exhaust. Making those icky energies less icky.

Mentally, platinum offers life lessons of immunity toward the everyday push (compression) and pull (tension) of stress, circumstance and expectations – you encounter. This innate for of adaptability makes you appear invulnerable, lucky feeling essentially empowered.

If you find yourself attracted or morphing into the silvery-white hue like Alex from The Secret World of Alex Mack, I believe you are energetically here to cleanse your own soul and help keep toxic vibrations at bay! And you naturally have a great auric balance to do so.

Here is a crystal and essential oil combo you can try to work with platinum energy: Silver Sheen Obsidian and Young Living’s White Angelica.

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