Rapidly Heal Your Savings the Easy Way Spirit Keeper

Are you regretting not saving enough $$$

You know, cash.


Karma coins.

We tell ourselves this story about money: It’s bulky, heavy and restrained to how much time or pain we exchange for it.

This story blocks our sight to greener pastures spirit keeper.

Do you believe that you don’t have enough to save or the brains to budget. And that may be true for some ordinary cases. But you’re not ordinary, you’re extraordinary with a powerful gift of visualization!

I spent months percolating the finest elixir to my current money worries. Debt being one venomous sting needing time and healing. What I’ve been learning so far is that money comes and goes like that ocean tide. Powered by the moon, the ocean is a powerful space to learn the art of surrender. You have no choice but to learn a new way to move when you’re in Gaia’s watering hole. If you’ve been struggling with financial freedom than you need to learn to swim! So when it comes to my personal flow of abundance, I figured out that having the willingness to learn a new move was the first step.

The second was was finding the moon in my life. And sure enough this moon that controls the ebb and flow of my reality was none other than – myself.

Colorful whimsy me!

Can you believe it, I’m the moon! I said to myself in the bathroom mirror and a deep voice echoes in my mind. Borrowing light from your higher self to shine it down upon your inner world so it may change the tides of your outer world.

Moon energy is powerful so every new moon and full moon, I take a shower with my aquamarine crystals and tap into that inner peace.

That powerful unbreakable stillness that resides within, around, above and below.

Healing my cash flow started with me mapping out where I’m at, where did it hurt inside me when money came up in a conversation and where I want to take my money.

Truth is, I just wanted money to come easily as love comes into my life. I want to be able to pay it forward, go on retreats to see the world and live this life to the max! I experienced major relief when I figured out that taking care of the pennies first is where it all starts. Really appreciating my money.

The loose change. Spare quarters. Pocket abundance matters.

Over time the small steps transformed into huge leaps. And I let my money flow, expand and grow. Today. I want you to work with turquoise (empathy) and sea foam green (fertilization) to heal your savings mindset. You can do this by wearing these colors regularly to inspire a go with the flow attitude or you can save money without thinking about like what I’m doing with some help from the folks at Digit.


This is a safe way to automatically save money without you plugging numbers and going hysterical. Lol. I was worried and resistant at first that they would take huge chunks or make me save more than I can chew.

That’s not true!

They text your balance everyday and scan your spending and income habits for you and base the savings on that! This is a huge burden lifted off my shoulders!

I don’t want money to feel dirty and chore bearing. Or a way for my ego to think worrisome thoughts about ” but this could happen.” I want saving to feel automatic and easy breezy!

When you refer friends you get a $5 bonus toward your savings!! You can also connect your Digit to Mint.com account which is another website that saved me tons of headspace in the last 6 months!

Acknowledging your money is power. So stare at it in the face and love it with so much light spirit keeper – you deserve it!

For more information about Digit visit https://digit.co/r/WkXwp?wn

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