Saffron Herb Tea for Healing Success

I woke up today feeling depressed.

My inner sparkle dimmed by the flood of negativity. It comes every so often, to be honest.

Have you ever felt deeply unfortunate like the wheel of life is spinning against you and keeps you from catching a break?

With all the misfortune and unlucky global affairs, I thought it charming and magical to share my secret saffron herbal elixir for raising your vibration and increasing the chances of root chakra success.

Hitting rock bottom

The root chakra is your fundamental energy for survival and as I learn how to navigate new terrain while living independent, it’s important that I build a really strong foundation. I hit rock bottom with change this past Spring and things have been regenerating since. This is why I needed to infuse my life with the power of Scarlet.

This lavish red hue attracts better outcomes and fortune. It says I burn red hot with passion and my desires are polished in comparison to my darker sisters: Burgundy and Marsala.

Scarlet energy is a natural evolution from the raw reds you see in nature and the one plant that I discovered to hold this sort of prestige is a flower called Crocus sativus also known as Saffron.  (Not safflower apparently called bastard saffron.)

Benefits of Saffron

This remains the world’s most expensive spice and I love it for promoting a successful mindset. I did find 25 more benefits you might like to read about here. Of course, you always want to consult your physician before using any herb or spice. This post is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure disease either just help you explore the magic and meaning of scarlet colors in your beautiful life. May it inspire your happiness.

How to Make This Magical Saffron Tea

To boost your relationships, business affairs or overall spirit you want to make this tea with the intention of healing and abundance! All you need is hot water, dried saffron (I use this kind) and some local honey to stir in sweetness and keep your successful intentions sticking to you. While steeping, listen to Jai-Jagdeesh on YouTube and put patchouli essential oil in your diffuser to deepen your connection with the root chakra.

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