Discovering What Animals Mean in Your Dreams and Life with Kelly Eckert

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to talk to animals?

Are you curious why that rhino or polar bear is popping up in your dreams?

All animals act as essential archetypes in your life, urging you to make a change or figure out a better way to solving your challenge. I use my spirit animals to spark life back into my brand and business. Even keep figurines of animals around me to remind me to be more like them when the time calls for it.

That’s why I’m chatting it up with my friend and shamanic healer Kelly to decode the secret language of this animal kingdom and why having these nature guides is a great thing to have if you’re just starting out on a spiritual path or asked yourself in this lifetime, why you always seem to attract Earth’s creatures. Purchase her book on Amazon here or grab her 88 card deck by visiting

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