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Hi Bernard! I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw this: I was a little bit shocked when I saw it, not a lot of people tend to publish about color which is sad since color is so important in our lives. But what I wanted to ask you was your opinion on posts like this one: Do you think posts like this one actually helps people find their personality color? Or do you think it’s a waste of time to even look at?  

– Luna



Dear Luna,

It’s all brainy tricks. When I saw this quiz, I did it for myself. I discovered that based on the first letter of my first name – I am orange.

That is my favorite color! (This is one of those tricks I am talking about – so hold on!)

What the creator of this graphic quiz did was use common attributes of color psychology to give meaning to the color results. But all you need is one letter to determine the entire spectrum of your personality?

Fairly easy to do but a waste of time. So I am calling bullshit.

What we do as the consumer is justify our results as our brains rummage through memories to match events and situations to the color attributions instantaneously. We don’t think twice – we just subconsciously approve or disapprove based on our personal life experience with the color.

Recalling my own saga of orange – I can see how I am like orange in my life but that doesn’t mean it’s my personality altogether.

You are more than just a number.

You are more than just a letter.

And you are more than just one color.

Our personality is made up of lifetimes of emotions and situations. I don’t think there is an easy ABC way of understanding your personality.

In all of my color readings I do, I see how well you are growing into your highest personality (greatest potential) as a spiritual being. Helping you align yourself to your goals and using color practically in your life. You just don’t get that with a quick copy and paste color quiz you find in your Facebook newsfeed.

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