The Courageous Truth In Healing Your Life Using Color Therapy That You Forget

No, this isn’t some coloring book tactic. What I’m really going to share with you goes beyond your crayons and cheap color therapy apps. I’ve been practicing the power of color for over ten years and it’s this path of color psychology that I teach people like you to live more, love lots and fear less.

I started consciously healing my life using color in high school because uniforms choked my identity and I faced a lot of bullying that would erode my confidence. In 2006, I stopped wearing public school uniforms and got accepted into a Pennsylvania boarding school for low-income children where it paid for my clothing and I had color at my fingertips. I began my spiritual journey on a school trip to a museum in Philly by finding my orange scarf. I also got to swap my school’s colored golf shirts every day that would match my desires and daily intentions. Not my current mood.

And I repeat.

Color is less about your mood and more about your power.

I’m not here to play a matching game with my ego or fears. But if I did, then I would only find myself chained to a wall of scarcity and insecurity. Stuck in a rut like so many of my family and friends who struggle to break their karmic cycles. Yes, I tell them all the time to color, but fear profits on paralyzing progress. We tend to get lonely and sad comforting ourselves with dark shadows that puppeteer projections on the walls of our mind (we grow to identify and indulge in misery, gossip, and drama) until we bump our hand on the light switch. Some choose to scatter back to any ounce of shade in the room.  Wiser more open souls then choose to live from a lighter and higher vibrational perspective. Letting go of their pride and adapting to a new normal for the world. This is why I eat, breathe and wear color. It transforms life.

Color lets you dance naked with the Divine. Free from judgment and fear. The most colorful people, artists, and legends in the world understand this magic. And it’s time you did too.  You have this power but instead, choose to sabotage your soul’s standards for lesser expectations.

I’m consistently thirsty to expand and learn. Ultimately, it’s this tenacity to grow beyond your limitations (color outside the lines) that give you the most pleasure and sense of accomplishment. It’s actively living through this grit of soul (not life hacking) that brings more flavor to your reality. Real spirituality and real personal development through color isn’t something you can substitute or master by staying on the sidelines expecting the world to revolve around you and your problems. In other words, this isn’t about half-assing your growth just so your ego gets a quickie on your lunch hour. And this was a huge shift in my own spiritual awakening with color that would eventually help me create a global movement of color readers and a legacy to heal the world with every color.

Not just colors that our ego, parents, government or corporations chose for us.

Color impacts your emotions. And the more emotion you give or take will influence the outcome. How you feel or don’t feel about a person, place or thing fuels energy. It’s this malleable energy you must learn to harness daily in order for you to create the life you want, the flow of synchronicity or miraculous moments of divine intervention.

This is how you heal.

And this is why we practice.

Having a favorite color or defaulting to black is only a small portion to your overall awakening as a human being. Those small general habits loosely gauge where you are in your vibrational field but it’s not something you’re bound to follow forever (if you choose that is and you always have a choice). As you grow and adult, your colors change as well. You don’t just take a color personality test, hold onto a favorite color or tap your iPad to pass time and know everything there is to know about the power of color. Energy moves. And light, as well as dark, is fluid.

That’s the courageous truth behind color.

Your life in every color matters, not just the ones inside the lines.

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Bernard Charles is transforming thousands of unhappy people from around the world by adding more color and meaning to their life. His work has been featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine, Positively Positive and appeared on various radio programs discussing his mission to change 1 million people. Explore the power and meaning of color at