The Darkest Color in the World And What You Can’t Really See

Color fascinates me because it’s how we perceive the symbiotic relationship of light and darkness.

Our eyes and brain receive messages about the world because of the intimacy created through light and darkness. Ripening fruit and red hot stoves are just a couple of ways we use color to send us a message.

This natural energetic language incredibly texturizes the nooks and crannies of our existence. Making sure we are safe, protected and in balance with planet Earth.

Vantablack is a man-made material producing a color so dark that humans need crinkled foil to see it.

Also it’s the most expensive color to exist as sources are refusing to disclose price points.

If this material were used to create clothing, we would be black phantoms roaming the world.

So what does this new ultra-black mean metaphysically?

First you have to decide which side of the spectrum you’re on…

Do you believe black is a self-absorbed asshole hogging all the light for it’s own gain much like a tyrannic politician with a huge ego that trumps your existence as a human being or do you believe black is the absence of any light and color and completely void of existence altogether generally being depicted as a victimized rebel pushing away anything conformist because that’s the hipster thing to do?

There’s no right or wrong answer. Both seem to happen equally too for the light side. We’re trying to understand two extremes and both have all or nothing attitudes. All for good. All for evil. It’s how humanity’s been able to wrap it’s head and heart around life. In color, it’s this balance that keeps morality hanging by the thread of perception. It’s your perspective that matters. Your soul’s unique awareness that moves through light and dark extremes creates reality.

And I help souls navigate aggressively and gracefully when the environments of their adventures shapeshift as expected or unexpectedly through the power of color.

Black has always been a misfit in the color world because we naturally associate this dark color to black magic, fear, mystery, uncertainty and death.

It’s one of the color results in my color quiz, because I feel this particular color deepens our understanding of everything we could possibly fathom appropriately dubbed as the black philosopher which among those that took the quiz over a thousand of you  (33% to be exact) are these classic cool observationalists that beat their own drum from the depths of space.

Vantablack broken down as a word means conceited (vanta from Esperanto) and black which is the total absorption of light or complete disregard for it.

Devouring most light this special (undisclosed) military technology black consumes/rejects light with full awareness and intention to the point of vanity, narcissism and egotism.

Of course this is simply coming from the etymology, but the intentions behind creating such a material and color could actually be a subconscious attempt to connect with our deepest darkest regions of awareness.

Good thing though this material absorbs all but 0.035 per cent of visual light.

Which tells me that hope still exists like Pandora’s box.

Vantablack is more than a breakthrough in nanotechnology, it’s a crucial metaphor for our evolution and if we don’t mind the natural balance we may lose our innocence and purity completely because true ignorance is only bliss for so long.

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