What you can do if psychics scare you.


I am very nervous to work with any other intuitive people. I am afraid of them seeing parts of me that are not so pretty. Is there anything I can do to help become more vulnerable?– A bothered friend  

Dear Bothered Friend,

You took a huge leap just now writing to me.

It’s not easy to open yourself up to others. I should know!

I have issues with trust and intimacy and that will forever be a work in progress. It’s because I value the authenticity in life.

I believe there is a balance. Good and Evil.

Light and Dark.

Masculine and Feminine.

Working with psychics and other intuitive healers is not the end all cure to the madness in the world.

Spirituality and Science.

Faith and Logic.

I want to share with you my first psychic experience.

It was back in college and there was this psychic shop near my school.

I passed it frequently and always wanted to go inside and experience that fantasy.

Unfortunately it’s nothing like the movies. But on the flip side – it’s fortunate in that way.

This particular psychic used cards and I had 30 minutes to spend with her.

The room was like walking into an Egyptian tomb and my friends were too scared to try it out.

But not me.

I am fascinated by the esoteric as well as the unknown. Equally fearful too.

But I have my own instincts/intuition to rely on.

A long life fell from her lips and I was reassured about my time on this planet.

I did not ask her about my health or when I would die. I could care less.

What I do care about is making a difference and being honest – true.

I am skeptical.



I am human and so are you.

I hold no expectations over people until they poke their fingers at me or refuse to accept themselves for who they naturally are.

I am lovely and sweet.

I am mean and bitchy.

I take pride in my acceptance over what lurks in my own shadows and what thrives in my light.

Everything will be alright.

Vulnerability is your choice.

Right now you can open yourself to what I have said here. Or you can wash your hands and learn the same lesson in another way.

When you know without doubt or shame that you are dealing with a real psychic/intuitive the fear will quickly dissipate. Relief will wash over you and all is well. Clarity is holy.

You can become even more vulnerable when you seize those precious moments that call for you to step into your power. Into your truest self by expressing all of you not just the pretty parts but the ugly as well.

Those that can handle your natural self – all encompassing – multifaceted will not judge you. They will feel you, like I do.

A great color I have been working with for my own vulnerability is turquoise. It’s a spiritual color and emanates from crown, throat and heart chakras. Chrysocolla crystals are perfect stones for empathy because they not only help build your confidence and trust but give you the serenity needed to hold your own genuine power to transform weakness into strength.

Simply, if you want answers – you need to be open to relating to yourself.

Dear Color Mage is an advice column about color, spirituality, magic, and how to be a compassionate intuitive in a non-believing world. Got a question? Ask me.

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