Where to Buy Essential Oils for Finance, Freedom and Loyal Friends

Friends with benefits and financial independence are two rebellious concepts these days.

I care deeply about who I hang with and what I do with my money.

So living in this modern tech-world, the definitions of friendship and wealth are expanding.

Let me explain.

This is my dear friend Melissa. And we met earlier this year when I was knee high in student loan debt and struggled at reacquainting myself to my hometown after college.

I felt alone and broke.

Struggled to pay my loan minimums put me in a very pissy mood. I think bills tend to do that a lot to people.

I’ve always been keen on self-help and personal development because I believe in growing stronger as a person. And this year I learned a valuable lesson: When I invest in myself good things happen. Like meeting Melissa!

She was the answer to my new year prayer.

God show me a miracle. Help me build my tribe. 

Every time I would ask a higher power for some help they would test me. It’s small challenges like going to that yoga event on Friday night. Or choosing crispy kale chips over red hot Cheetos. 

As for this, I was challenged to accept my own worth and strength.

Can I really do that?

From what I gathered online, people are so eager to post drama and negativity about network marketing and the validity of essential oils. Mostly there are misconceptions about what multilevel marketing means in the new millennia. I recommend reading the Four Year Career: How to Make Your Dreams of Fun and Financial Freedom Come True Or Not by Richard Brooke and then look at your Facebook friends list.

Like me, you will realize that we live in an age where connections are fast and global. And standing behind a natural wellness brand that helps nurture abundance and literally improves the lives of moms, corporate dropouts and even college kids matters more than ever!

People are awakening every where realizing they and their friends are worthy of abundance in social connections, information and money. Stepping into their true and highest potential.

Thriving to live happy and free together! It’s why affiliate marketing and social media works. Friends trust each other.

Even though Melissa and I did not become friends in school or at the workplace, we both felt a connection. A force superglued our souls together virtually.

Something inside me felt curious. And pulled me toward the oils. I was brought up on the philosophy that everything happens for a reason. And my mom and I gotten really good at noticing these divine signs called synchronicity.

Ultimately it was Melissa’s own energy and mine that brought us closer. We had to learn from each other.

I asked questions. She asked questions.

Intrigued by Melissa’s down to earth approach, I didn’t feel snubbed or victimized. I felt heard.

I began to notice this is how I leave my clients feeling after a color reading. In control of their destiny. Able to co-create their lives with abundance and love all while keeping color energy in mind. It just felt so fucking amazing to recognize another soul that does this too!

After trying the oils, I noticed a shift in my attitude.

I went home that night and told my family about the oils and recalled some of Melissa’s stories with Peppermint and Thieves.

It must have been the mixture of my excitement and confidence in the oils that convinced my family to help pay for my starter kit. Which was a mini lesson in itself – it’s okay to ask for money when it clearly is an energetic investment for all.

Since joining the fun and diffusing the oils daily for spiritual, emotional and financial support I no longer find myself hanging onto my scarcity beliefs and I have more friends that care genuinely about my wellbeing. As I care equally so about their beautiful lives.

Success is shared success and there are a million and one ways to be authentically happy.

I am so grateful.

And invite you to join me www.thecolorreader.com/essentialoils/

Essential oils are the lifeblood of the plant and I use them nonstop to set intentions, infuse my bedroom with however I want to feel for the day or night and heal my well-being.

There are different oils for various purposes and I recently got the Finance and Friends oil as a result of balancing those key life areas.

Since using them with a little more focus I am keeping consistent with friends I want to stay connected with and improving my financial mindset by staying committed to saving more for my color brand!

I feel so at ease using the oils and can’t wait for your life to change because of them too!


Until next time love, light and color!


About bernard charles

Bernard Charles is transforming thousands of unhappy people from around the world by adding more color and meaning to their life. His work has been featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine, Positively Positive and appeared on various radio programs discussing his mission to change 1 million people. Explore the power and meaning of color at www.thecolormage.com