Why Do Certified Aromatherapists Bitch About Young Living Essential Oils

Everybody feels the need to bitch.

Bitch about money.

Bitch about having no friends.

Bitch about solutions.

Bitch about your boss.

There’s a lot of bitching to be had in the world. Even when you try to escape from the bitching inside some aromatherapy, there in the dark corner is a nasty creature poised to turn up the bitch meter.  Smacking the tongue. Turning the nose skyward. All you can smell at this point is bitch.

For over 25 years, Young Living has been making its own kind of magic. And the tribal elites with certifications up the ass wanna take their fancy papers and cut a bitch. It’s the prideful thing to do. Because they forked over a few grand here and there and now they feel a sense of entitlement to their knowledge. Gary Young the founder of Young Living has been dealing with his own special bitchfest – it’s called DoTerra.

It’s a power struggle we see constantly in all industries and walks of life.

People who never got a college education project their inadequacy onto someone who did go to college. And the person who does the schooling has to dodge the bullets. And the best way to dodge is to burn the debris and appear like a bad bitch by not carrying someone else’s fear baggage.

On the other hand, you take a hard-working knowledgeable individual who’s too busy learning everybody else’s business (I call this person a busy-body bitch) and they bitch about why the layperson who has no official accreditation (seniority, library of books, can’t name all the scientific plant names in alphabetical order) is enjoying multiple company cruises or putting food on their table.

Life’s a bitch.

So I can’t possibly speak for every single rainbow thread of delight in the world (I wish this bitch could) but truly, I think the main reason why anyone bitches about something is because it helps them to feel powerful, prideful and accomplished knowing that someone else is paying attention to them bitch.

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