Why Everyone Should Give Color Therapy A Try + Ways To Without A Coloring Book

I’ve spent years getting to know color in a new way. My self-awakening began with a vivacious orange scarf and now I’m helping beautiful souls from around the world get happier, live larger and feel brighter because of color therapy.

There’s a million different ways color can be used in your life to improve your mood, tackle a cosmic crisis and manifest your soul’s deepest most intrinsic desires. You can wear color through jewelry, shirts, pants, socks and shoes. You can add more color in your home decor, dishware and furniture or change the background on your cell phone and computer. Color is everywhere and it affects us daily.

We’ve all been taught to think and feel color in a certain way through mass generative conditioning. Do you wear black by default? Is your favorite color blue? Do girls have to like pink? Exactly. I’m here to challenge the way you see and experience color so that you can take back control of your body, mind and soul. Before we can kick some monochromatic ass, you must know my color philosophy.

Color is naturally holistic.

I’m not here to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or misfortune that your soul signed up for in this lifetime. You should always consult a quality professional when trialing and using holistic medicine, therapy and alternative forms of healing. Most holistic practices don’t come from an orange bottle, it takes consistency, awareness and ambition to live above the wellness line. So I ask you to be mindful and open to the totality that color brings to you, your space and your community. I approach color therapy with ease and grace by using the best essential oils, crystals and color cards.

Color is non-denominational.

There’s no right or left religion that dominates color. I don’t view color as a supreme being either but a key tool we can use to attract, communicate and master what we want in this lifetime as a spiritual being living a human experience. Color applies to your personal and unique expression in the divinely orchestrated universe. This is your journey of self-discovery so if Jesus speaks to you through red, purple or green. Let it be. Same goes for every other god, goddess, fairy and angel that walks with us day in and day out. I help you make color your own spiritual force for good not evil.

Color is light and dark.

Duality helps us understand beautiful contrast so we can live in gratitude and continue expanding as a species. Challenges, conflicts, unanswered questions are mere markers of how well we’re living our purpose. A shift in your perception is all it takes for color to work because it forces you to decide what to live for.  As we honor and accept this natural flow, our personal and collective values deepen.  I’ve lived long enough to understand that life goes in all directions and there’s no right or wrong, there’s just resonance. You emit special energy everyday with the choices you make and using more color in your life will help you navigate the light and dark of the world.

No Book Policy

I totally love the coloring book craze because my whole life has been surrounded by crayons, markers and pencils devoted to coloring books. So, I’m not suggesting you ditch what works for you but instead to share with you that color makes a more powerful statement than you may realize. I cultivated living a colorful lifestyle because it makes me and others feel happy. We’re excited, energized and in charge of how we choose to show up in the world. Color therapy requires vulnerability. You must set aside your ego and fears and open to the messages and healing guidance that color delivers. It’s not always easy to hear what the color tries to tell you but your soul does listen openly and wholeheartedly. Here are my top ways you can experience color therapy without a coloring book.

  • Buy a color deck and use the deck as you would any other oracle or tarot deck. I found that using my color deck with another traditional card deck enhances the accuracy of the reading. It’s like having a color thermometer adding even more data for your intuition to use to validate the overall message.
  • Stand in front of your closet and close your eyes. Ask yourself how you want the world to see you today, and match a color to that feeling. If you can’t answer this, you need a color reading ASAP!
  • Construct color shrines in your home to see what color lacks in your space that could be holding back your energy and desires. I discovered by doing this that I was lacking purple – so I used this knowledge to dye my hair which changed my life entirely.
  • Start using essential oils everyday, I love these when I’m feeling cranky.
  • Add more color to your meals using natural, organic and non-GMO foods

About bernard charles

Bernard Charles is transforming thousands of unhappy people from around the world by adding more color and meaning to their life. His work has been featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine, Positively Positive and appeared on various radio programs discussing his mission to change 1 million people. Explore the power and meaning of color at www.thecolormage.com