Why is Young Living Essential Oils Better, Not FDA Approved/Organic And So Expensive

Read your labels.

Most dietary supplements and vitamins include some fine print that claims to not treat, diagnose or cure disease. It’s really common when you read. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates brands from mislabeling and adulterating foods and drugs. Evaluation requires a lot of hoops (expensive ones). You as a consumer still don’t care, you’re hooked up on branding and marketing tactics that tap into your emotional impulses. This is another power of color that’s so commonplace, but alas you still don’t see it.

Young Living Essential Oils are better because it gives you the freedom to commit to plant-based products to replace your traditional toxic consumerist habits. You can invest in a company that essentially is set up to pay you back in wellness, abundance, and purpose! The products range from house cleaning to supplements. All labeled appropriately for uses and the community is very knowledgeable so ask your questions. No other company is like this and it’s this freedom that makes Young Living unique. Not even my credit card company gives me 25% back on my loyalty. Goodness, even your cable company tries to upsell you to buy a package you don’t need. Young Living doesn’t have to do that or come across salesy because your loyalty in taking care of your own personal wellness comes back to you financially and no coupon clipping discount or traditional corporation/store offers that much freedom in your budget.

Becoming organically certified takes, even more, hoops to jump through and it will take time. I personally have written to the company to push on this issue because it’s important to me and my tribe. Organic is a labeling process that accredits the brand/product meeting the agricultural requirements necessary but this means money. I threw this idea inside my email. I’d imagine top-ranking distributors would have to be okay with a commission check decrease because there’s a lot of money that goes back to the people inside Young Living. I wrote to the company asking for a co-op process among distributors that would help fund the certification process. I’ve received the typical Seed to Seal guarantee. I’ve not been to a farm yet so this is still a hot button topic I’m pushing from the inside out. And to have you join me in the movement would be oh so beautiful. I’m all about transparency and innovation.

Young Living isn’t expensive. You’ve been conditioned to be frugal and sell yourself short in energy. Over the years you look to stretch a buck or pinch a penny so that you can reaffirm your poverty consciousness and look at money in a very black and white manner. Add and subtract. You don’t have a balanced outlook on money flow (it’s okay, you’re not alone). Money grows and as you invest in yourself, you’ll better understand this truth. Working 40-80 hours a week. All that money goes somewhere, away from you in a widespread manner.  In some situations, you can choose brands or companies over one another. You have that choice. But mostly I see people sticking to toxic chemical brands and greedy companies that their family has used over the years. Even their friends. And you’re simply making a deal with the devil. Trading your quality of life for a very loose superficial systemic institution. You are giving your power away to a source that feeds on your average livelihood.  Well as you stay in your comfort zone and numb yourself with toxins – you eventually keep feeding a beast that sucks you and your loved ones dry. Where does your money end up? We don’t quite know after we leave the grocery store or pay those taxes. We imagine it goes into the pockets of the cashiers and people who fix the roads and bridges. We’ve been trained to believe income is capped. Abundance gets sorted by percentages and somehow we see new technologies, medical advancements and moving artwork – but the world seems to remain stagnant in this modern day form of slavery. Young Living breaks your cap on time, money and potential to change the planet.

Collectively we have a hard time seeing how our living is capitalized. We don’t really know because we aren’t taught to see the world in this way. Even in our home economics class success and potential is based on how well-rounded and informed the teacher is about finances, cooking and home living.  The truth in finding a career in a saturated market is tougher now than how it used to be with the tech upgrades and education requirements. We aren’t taught to focus on our strengths. Our talents to be different get lost in standardized testing/auditions/interviews. Subjectively and biasedly manipulated to fit a mold cast by human judgment and fallacy of what it means to be Divine and Holy. We leave it up to big brother/uncle sam/our mom and dad to take our power and makes us believe our happiness set point is suppose to be just living pay check to pay check. Since more blue collar and some white collar positions are being sold and traded right from under you, it’s time to tap into your real magic. So you can break the spell that you and even I have been absently falling victim to.

Young Living helps me reprogram exactly how I feel about my wellness, abundance, and purpose on this ever evolving planet. And it’s time to restore peace and balace from the inside out.

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Bernard Charles is transforming thousands of unhappy people from around the world by adding more color and meaning to their life. His work has been featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine, Positively Positive and appeared on various radio programs discussing his mission to change 1 million people. Explore the power and meaning of color at www.thecolormage.com