#YLEO Stands for Young Living Essential Oils Not Your Lonely Egocentric Oils

I find it repulsive how shady other essential oil representatives use #yleo on social media to attempt to grow their lonely hobby.

Seriously this copy cat brand rep is doing it on purpose which is a desperate attempt for popularity.

What a sad life.

Social media numbers aren’t everything clearly. Because humans are worth more. But this is just a really sickening way to validate that boho chic con artistry that’s been happening online. I don’t understand.

I even went to an event where there was a rep there spouting off her association with this competing company. I just walk in and instantly she’s projecting that pride and arrogance. I kept quiet and ignored the bitch. For some reason, online, I can’t ignore stupid egocentric bitches.

To all those, not Young Living, stay in your own space. Or I wouldn’t have to do what I do best – face your fakeness.

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