You Can Now Get a Young Living Premium Starter Kit and Pay Using PayPal Credit

6 months to pay for your premium starter kit (interest-free if paid in full within those 6 months) or just use your already existing PayPal account.

Yes, please!

PayPal option will be available at checkout and you’ll need to make sure you are approved for PayPal Credit.

Take your wellness off hold


I wish this was around when I started because I wouldn’t feel guilty for asking my family to buy it for me. But then again, when you believe and see results in how these essential oils and cleaning products change your friend’s mood and life – you’ll do anything to get some of that high vibe juice.

This option helps people who are looking to ease their budget without wiping out their accounts.

Laying down all that money for a kit can hurt some people’s pride pretty hard with all the expenses they already find themselves bending over backward to pay, but now this means that around $27 for 6 months you can enjoy the oily life without slamming a Ben Franklin or two up front.


This is how I roll with essential oils. Read this.

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